Installing in 1-2-3
With ReadyFit® installing a Quick-Step floor is easy as 1-2-3. A high-tech scanner meticulously measures each room after which you receive carefully precut planks. Following the provided personalised lay-out plan you can then click all planks together.

Thanks to this new technology you will work faster. Moreover, this silent and dust-free innovation allows you to work in spaces that are already fully functioning. No sawing, no dust, no worries. Ready?

The advantages of precut planks

Install fast & easy
  • No need to measure
  • No need to saw
  • No need to bring in tools
  • No need to clean
  • All furniture can stay in the room during renovation
  • Less cleaning
No noise
  • People can stay in the room while installing
save money
  • Save on saw blades and other tools
  • Save on materials: never miscut a plank
  • Save on materials: never order too many boxes
Health & safety
  • No dust inhalation
  • No risk of cutting yourself
Less tools needed on site

How it works

The Quick-Step dealer or installer measures & advises

Leica 3D Disto scanner
All Quick-Step ReadyFit dealers and installers have received a professional measurement training at the ReadyFit® Academy and use a professional Leica 3D Disto scanner to measure your room

Quick-Step software
The ReadyFit® measurement software has been specifically developed by Quick-Step to cover the smallest corners and details.

Exta advice
When requesting a measurement you also receive additional information about the installing direction, how to cover the details around the doors, possible height differences and answers to other questions.
Leica 3D Disto Scanner
Leica 3D
Disto scanner

You click
The ReadyFit® planks will be delivered in boxes that carry a label mentioning the address, the type of room and the number of the box. The non-cut planks are not numbered and are packed in a normal box.

When you open box 1 you will find the personalised installation plan inside. The plan will explain which plank to begin with, which expansion gaps to use and which baseboards to install.
Find a ReadyFit® dealer
Visit a Quick-Step dealer in your neighbourhood, choose your floor, and ask for the ReadyFit® option. On the Quick-Step website you can find a dealer near you.